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Thanks to the direct experience on the plants and the collaboration we have had in recent years, we design and directly produce or resell equipment, furnishings and accessories for every company department, from the warehouse, to the locker room, to production departments.

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In the pharmaceutical field, we produce components technically responsive to the requirements of the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Pactices) for both classified and non-classified production areas, up to sterile / cleanroom environments.

Here you can see some of the products we manufacture. Other items with special features are provided on request, developing together with the customer the most suitable type of construction to satisfy demands.

The use of stainless steel AISI 441, AISI 304 and AISI 316 makes our products an ideal solution for hygienic standards of processing departments with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Our attention is focused on the constant commitment to the study and research of new products and solutions, which can optimize or simplify the work of our customers

Stainless steel furniture

Furniture for locker rooms: construction material in stainless steel AISI 441 / AISI 304;

Furniture for production areas: construction material in stainless steel AISI 441 / AISI 304;

Furniture for sterile areas: construction material in stainless steel AISI 316 with glossy surface finish;

Furnishing for walls equipped with Through the Wall assembly;

Waste containers, transport trolleys.

Stainless steel accessories
Buckets and containers in stainless steel AISI 304 and 316, Rectangular containers, Drainage wells, Funnels, Dispensers, Scoops, Sieves, Paper towel dispensers.

The warehouse line
Stainless steel pallet truck, stainless steel pallet, stainless steel stairs, stainless steel shelving.


Stainless steel containers

Our products meet the needs of every department of the company, from the laboratory with containers for the sampling of products, to the production areas with containers and process plants, to the warehouse with palletizing or wheeled storage containers.

Starting from our customers’ requirements, our technical office is able to meet all needs by designing customized containers, built to meet the manufacturing specifications required by the CGMP standards, and FDA guidelines.

Available with P.E.D. and ATEX certification, our containers are designed for a correct containment and discharge of any type of product; powders , liquids, gels and creams.

DQ – IQ – OQ test protocols can be supplied with the machine

Quality standards are our point of reference. The quality of the materials, ease of cleaning, accurate design and the possibility of customizing, have always been an integral part of ISN Technology’s quality offer.


Made of stainless steel AISI 304 – AISI 316 L according to CGMP, with flat bottom with rounded corners to allow a proper cleaning, easily removable silicone gasket, upper lid with conical profile or closed top with manual clamp completely in stainless steel.

Standard mirror-polished internal finish, external satin-finish. Internal and external weldings completely removed and finished. The drums can be stacked by installing the flat lid. STANDARD CAPACITY FROM 1 TO 200 LITERS

Process tanks

We build temperature-controlled process tanks, wheeled dissolvers, insulated storage tanks, PED pressure vessels, turbo-emulsion mixers, ATEX-compliant tanks, special tanks for laboratories.

Steril Bottles

Our STERIL containers are designed and manufactured to meet  CGMP and FDA standards. The accurate internal and external finishing, the type of construction and the weight make these containers particularly suitable for handling active products.

The upper nozzle made with a Tri-Clover 4 “(Ø 101.6 mm) or 6” (Ø 152.4 mm) socket allows the installation of high containment valves

Containers for flammable liquids

Certified containers for the storage and transport of flammable liquids.

Made of AISI 316 stainless steel with PTFE gaskets for high chemical resistance. With pressure control valve (approx. 0.3 bar vent) in the metering device or screw cap.

Other containers

Containers in stainless steel AISI 304 of various types for dosing, transport and storage of products.


 We make custom designs according to our customers’ technical requirements

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